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Tung Acupunture Courses by Susan Johnson

D R Events is proud to host Susan Johnson's visit to the UK in order to teach Master Tung’s legendary traditional family lineage Acupuncture system. Master Tung Ching-Chang has been referred to as “The greatest acupuncture technician who ever lived.”

He was a traditional Chinese physician from Shandong Province, China and was famous for the miraculous and spontaneous results he would often obtain using just a few needles distally & contralaterally. He often treated very large numbers of people a day.

The unique Tung points and imaging theories used in Master Tung’s Acupuncture family system are not based upon syndrome differentiation but trace their origin to the Nei Jing. We can trace this system over 600 years but some sources state that it is more than 1500 years old. As this is a oral tradition handed down for many generations, its influence may be wider than is known about. Only in recent years do we have the written resources that we have now.

2019 course details will be available later in the year.


"A very inspiring introduction to Tung acupuncture and I cannot wait to try out what I have learned and to learn more"
Katie Scampton, UK

"The course was well organised, with great presentation material and the presenter's knowledge was simply superb!"
Mario Pinotti, UK

"Really amazing and an excellent help to my practice. It is a must to all acupuncturists."
Alexei Montenegro, UK

"Fascinating and very informative course. Susan is both very professional and easygoing!"
Jessica Watson, UK

"I am very thrilled about this method. I think Susan is a very good teacher. I will definitely continue the next seminars."
Gerda Dijkstra, The Netherlands

"Extremely valuable information to improve our practice."
Alvaro Ramirez, Republic of Ireland

"Found the course both challenging and enjoyable at the same time, was blown away by Susan's knowledge and experience."
Jason Viola-Davis, UK

"Fantastic course - so much useful and practically applicable information."
Rob Veater, UK

"Susan is just so knowledgeable, an inspiration."
Rupesh Harding, UK

I used Master Tung’s Points to treat interstitial cystitis in a patient and she was ‘cured’ within two treatments. It has been three months now and she has not had a recurrence. Master Tung’s Points are amazing and can turn your practice around. Simple and effective, they really are magic points.”

—A.B., L.Ac.
Ephraim, Wisconsin

“The series is very comprehensive and allows for immediate use of points. These classes have helped me earn a fabulous reputation in my area. If you are ready to be busy in an acupuncture practice, these classes prep you to think and work quickly, with great results.”

—Pat Worth, L.Ac.
Tipp City, Ohio

“It’s amazing how fast these points work. My patients reported instant relief. If you want to be known as an effective practitioner, you need to study Master Tung’s Points with Susan Johnson.”

—Ken Glowaski, L.Ac.
Chicago, Illinois

“This series of classes will take you from wondering what you are missing to having a simple set of tools that produce swift results with just a few needles and grow your practice. After I utilized what I learned in this class, my patients experienced rapid and effective changes in their health.”

—Laura Christian, L.Ac.
Iowa City, Iowa

“Take this class! It will revolutionize your practice. I bless the day I met Susan Johnson. This is the most effective acupuncture I have ever seen done. My patients are very happy with the changes in their health.”

—Kathi Drake, L.Ac.
Madison, Wisconsin


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