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Tung Acupunture Courses by Susan Johnson

D R Events is proud to host Susan Johnson's visit to the UK in order to teach Master Tung’s legendary traditional family lineage Acupuncture system. Master Tung Ching-Chang has been referred to as “The greatest acupuncture technician who ever lived.”

He was a traditional Chinese physician from Shandong Province, China and was famous for the miraculous and spontaneous results he would often obtain using just a few needles distally & contralaterally. He often treated very large numbers of people a day.

The unique Tung points and imaging theories used in Master Tung’s family system are not based upon syndrome differentiation but trace their origin to the Nei Jing. We can trace this system over 600 years but some sources state that it is more than 1500 years old. As this is a oral tradition handed down for many generations, its influence may be wider than is known about. Only in recent years do we have the written resources that we have now.

Attend part 2 of Master Tung's Points Beginning Series six-day course in the UK on 11-13 November 2016

To see some of what you can learn at our coming seminars go to Youtube clips

The Master Tung's Points Beginning Series Part 2 2016 will take place on 11-13 November 2016 in Stevenage,UK. It is north of London and near Luton and Stansted airports.


- 9 Star Magic Square, Ling Shu Ch5 and Meridian imaging theories.
- quick and effective pain relief with distal contralateral needling with minimal needles.
- never puncture the site of injury again!
- unique Tung finger, hand, head points for acute conditions
- Tung needling techniques such as Dao Ma, guiding needle etc
- learn some point protocols for chronic & internal issues
- comprehensive course notes covering the major Tung points, locations and indications.
- Tungs traditional family unique points for back, neck,shoulder and hip pains.
- quick and easy to learn and can be used in clinic right away.

Seminar hours are: Friday and Saturday 10 am - 6 pm and Sunday 9 am to 5 pm. The price is £420 for the 3 day weekend. See prices and payment page to book.

This is a rare opportunity to learn the best of Tung's traditional points with Susan Johnson who has over 25 years of using and teaching this style of Acupuncture, for more information please click here to email Denise Rowe at D R Events.


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